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India’s First Plasma Based Nano Material
& Nano Product Manufacturing Start-up

Nano Powder

Nanopowder synthesis enables
the production of highly pure nanomaterials,
from different types of precursors
(solid, liquid or gasses).

Spherical Powder

Spheroidization enables the production
of highly spherical powder particles,
compatible with even the most
demanding applications.

Product Development

 Research and development,
commissioning, and after sales
service, to provide them with
a turnkey solution.

MatrixNano provides compounds of the highest grade and with our customers in mind, we also provide various other purity levels thereby allowing for our customers to choose according to their intended use. To perfect our product, we provide particles of high end morphology, batch to batch consistency, high quality products and volume pricing. All this allowing our customers to be able to tailor their order in all the above mentioned areas. With a variety of products to choose from, we at MatrixNano synthesize various metals and metal oxides with our best sellers are being Zno, SiO2, Fe203, Ag, Au nano-powders and yet still having a lot of room for new products to be developed.

What do we do at MatrixNano?


  • Additive Manufacturing, MIM and HIP
  • Surface hardening & Coatings
  • Biological and Agriculture
  • Advance manufacturing and Application
  • Microelectronics & Energy (rechargeable batteries)

Plasma Systems

  • Micron Size powder Spheroidization (Application : AM, MIM,…)
  • Nano Powder Plasma Synthesis

Research and Development

  • Materials & Manufacturing Process
  • Industry collaborative research
  • Process development for cost reduction

Our Partners

Product Scrutinization


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