Matrixnano has been India’s First Induction Coupled Plasma based commercial Nano powder and Nano product development start up that emerged from incubation of the 33-year-old legacy in innovative commercialization in biotech named Saveer Biotech limited. We at Matrixnano are dedicated to pioneering the world into the future with nanotechnology by spreading our knowledge and products to the four corners of the world. Join our revolution by using nano-materials to improve the performance of your products, increase their effciency and competitiveness with our well-crafted Nano materials to make the future Nano. Together we can!

Why us?

MatrixNano provides compounds of the highest grade and with our customers in mind, we also provide various other purity levels thereby allowing for our customers to choose according to their intended use. To perfect our product, we provide particles of high end morphology, batch to batch consistency, high quality products and volume pricing. All this allowing our customers to be able to tailor their order in all the above mentioned areas. With a variety of products to choose from, we at MatrixNano synthesize various metals and metal oxides with our best sellers are being Zno, SiO2, Fe203, Ag, Au nano-powders and yet still having a lot of room for new products to be developed.

Quality at a lower cost

All thanks to our heavy duty Tekna Induction Plasma System, it allows for high production yields in a limited amount of time allowing us to be able to handle all our customers’ orders without inconveniencing them in any way, MatrixNano is a world class nanoparticle provider whose products are all a combination of research, development and certification based allowing for us to manufacture products of the highest quality at the same time being able to provide materials at the lowest possible prices which our customers can afford.

High-end analysis facilities

Our product development operation is supported by state of the art research and analytical laboratory facilities all united towards the same goal of providing good quality controlled products with batch to batch consistency. For size and distribution investigation, SEM and TEM characterization techniques whilst crystal and phase structure analysis is done by X-Ray diffraction this is just to mention a few of the existing steps. As a company, we are determined to provide the best quality powders the industry will ever provided with reports to back it up and not just empty claims.


To cross research boundaries, promoting collaboration and dialogue between disciplines, universities, research cultures, academic and non-academic stakeholders, policymakers, practitioners, and national contexts, promoting extensive nanotechnology based research


  1. Enhanced product performance through intensive R&D investment.
  2. 100% workforce with graduate degrees
  3. Industry-university-institute cooperation nurturing human resources to lead the future eco-friendly energy industry through cooperation and leadership.